Select from the following services and enjoy (btw, wash is always included).

Our concept is simple (and quick!): You sit, we shampoo and blowdry your locks to perfection. And then we spin you around to reveal an even more gorgeous you.


Drop by Be Styled Knoxville in Salon Visage, where we make it easy and affordable to be the most beautiful you, every day.


Walk-ins are welcome upon availability.

See the looks.

be sleek
be softbe soft
be swirlybe swirly
be swankybe swanky
be sweetbe sweet (children 10 & under)


pre style

  • deep conditioning treatment – $25

signature style

  • be sleek, be soft, be swirly, or be swanky – $40

mini style

  • be sweet (children 10 and under) – $29

party with style

It’s always more fun to be surrounded by your favorite people. Plan your next girls night out, special event or wedding party…and let us make it happen with style. To book an event at our blow dry lounge call 865-240-4988.