Balayage at Salon Visage

06 Aug Balayage at Salon Visage

[by Belinda Gambuzza]

A new hair coloring technique once again demonstrates that Salon Visage is on the cutting edge of hair fashion in East Tennessee. I’m excited to tell everyone that Salon Visage is the first salon in the Knoxville area offering the Balayage technique.

The word Balayage is French and means to sweep. This technique allows a colorist to apply highlights using a sweeping freehand motion painting style. Balayage results in a more artistic, natural-looking, three-dimensional highlight.

Balayage has been around for about 20 years, mostly in Europe and larger U.S. cities. In the last few years it’s become more mainstream due to celebrities love and constant talk about the technique.

I was trained in Balayage from a fellow educator and good friend, then spent time doing hands-on learning at her salon in Atlanta. I’ve been offering balayage to my clients for about two months now.

Before and After Balayage, Salon Visage

Already, I have converted 99% of my clients over to Balayage. I simply educate them on the many benefits of this type of highlighting and how they will see a huge difference from other highlighting techniques.

What’s also great about Balayage is it can be used for corrective coloring, ombré coloring, highlights, lowlights … it appeals to everyone.

Eventually, most all clients will want Balayage, and they will be able to get it at Salon Visage because soon all of our colorists will be certified in the Balayage technique. The entire SV Color Department has now had several days of training including being trained by leading expert in Balayage and colorist to the stars, Nancy Braun from Beverly Hills, California.

Call Salon Visage at 694-4000 to set up your Balayage appointment. I look forward to introducing you to this fabulous way of highlighting.

Belinda Gambuzza